Post Production Facilities Design and Build

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We design the most luxuriously styled post production facilities to meet the very highest worldwide cinematic post production standards. Our designs and installations have included reference digital cinema quality control theatres, colour grading suites, film and TV sound mixing and re-recording studios.

With over 20 years’ experience of professional audio and video…

With over 20 years’ experience of professional audio and video we are able to design and specify the highest quality sound systems, projection systems, room acoustics, seating arrangements, console and equipment installation, rack wiring, overall styling and decorative lighting schemes.

We have worked on projects to convert empty office space into post production studios, managing all elements including building structural design, specialist air conditioning modifications (to meet noise criteria levels), floating shell construction for sound isolation, electrical installation and technical wiring installation.

We also offer a service to produce highly realistic 3D mock up visualisations of our designs. These have helped clients accurately visualise how the final theatre will look, and make changes to the design if necessary before construction work begins.

Our clients are at the leading edge of digital cinema evolution and include the following companies.